Saturday, April 30, 2011

IOIO Open-Sourced

The first batch of IOIO's has started shipping these days! I'd like to thank the patience and support of those who bought it in back-order.  I can't wait to see what users are going to make of it.
If you make a cool project with IOIO, please let me know about it in the comments, on email or in the discussion group. If there's enough volume, I'll open a page on this blog dedicated to such projects.

As promised, I'm opening the source-code, under FreeBSD license.
The project's documentation, including a partially complete user guide is here:
I'm now working on filling the missing parts, but there should be enough Javadocs to get those of you who can't wait going. The project's source code is there too, available for download as a tarball or using git.

SparkFun have recently release a beginner's guide to IOIO here:

I opened a discussion group for IOIO users, where I'll try to answer questions and get feedback. Feel free to subscribe there if you want to know what's going on:

If you want to take part in IOIO development, please introduce yourself and submit a request for membership in:


  1. Apparently Codaset has shut down now :( I hope the wiki can be put up somewhere else?

    "We are very sorry, but unfortunately Codaset is no longer operating at this time, and all services have been terminated with immediate effect."

  2. I moved IOIO to GitHub. Just fixed the link - thanks for letting me know.

  3. Can you please let me know where I can get the source code for the firmware? I looked at GitHub but only saw Android program source. Thanks!